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About Venn Music:

Venn Music is a record label. It is derived from the collaboration of all possible logical relations between a finite collection of different people.

Iron Range Roadies is a band out of Northern Minnesota. They produce songs that tell stories of life in small-town America.  They combine both Folk and Rock to create an authentic backdrop for their Northern-Americana sound.  Brothers Graham Geisler and Todd Geisler have spearheaded this project orignially concepted for the independent movie Way of the Warriors.

Chess Club Champion is a band out of Minneapolis.  They combine elements of Pop, Rock. and EDM to form a unique hybrid genre that seems to be rapidly garnering fans of diverse tastes. 

KingVKing is an EDM duo out of Minneapolis.  They craft dance music that moves you. 

Halfway to Hong Kong is a band originally from Minneapolis but members have recently been spread out  across the globe.  Todd Pederson lead signer/guitarist/lyricist currently resides in Saudi Arabia or "Halfway to Hong Kong".  Bassist John Atheneos and Drummer Jamison Geisler have spread their wings but both currently reside in the twin cities.  Wednesday Nights is their debut album on Venn Music.

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